Alessio Borgo Ciambrone

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As a child I wanted to be a drummer, but over the years my projects have evolved and between one shattered dream and another I landed on what today is my greatest passion: tattooing. Initially I approached the world of tattoos out of curiosity. After a few self-taught attempts and a few years as an apprentice in the studio, I started doing this job more seriously. From the first attempts on synthetic leather, on some trusted friends and the first works on curious customers, time passed and my enthusiasm grew. The Tribal and Maori styles gradually became my favorites, the fewer colored caps there were on my work surface, the happier I was. Today I have integrated my blackwork background with the Neotribal and the Dotwork. I prefer symmetrical and technical works and, to date, you will never find a color other than black in my briefcase! I like to take the time to understand the wishes of those who give me their time and thus create something unique! But there will never be a lack of laughter between one line and another!