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LA PRIMULA ROSSA was born as a shop and wholesale distribution in Como in 1991 from the idea of Gianluca Frigerio who, driven by a passion for ethnic jewels and travel, decided, together with his sister Erminia Frigerio (who later unfortunately passed away) and his life partner Tina Ballabio, met during a trip on the “silk road”, to import jewelry and crafts directly from artisans and artists, that best represented the style and culture of the countries of origin. Gianluca and Tina travelled the world in search of unique and traditional crafts, from the narrow Nepalese streets and shops to the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico in contact with Indian natives cultures such as Navajo, Hopi, Zuni. Along with life changing experiences the twos brought back exceptional pieces of arts, traditional jewelry, clothing and accessories, becoming not only importer of goods but of real life experiences which introduced Italian customers to new products and cultures.

Over the years, thanks to the passion and experience of the founders, la Primula Rossa has grown from a small local shop to a national and international recognized point of reference for stores and cultural centers. The business has evolved during the years, accelerating its growth by anticipating trends and by always resonate the social messages coming from the market.

La Primula Rossa has been a well-known and important point of reference in the city of Como for many years now. In 2019, la Primula Rossa added a piercing and tattoo studio, la Primula Rossa Tattoo alongside the Show Room of Tattoo Sullen Clothing, the leading clothing brand for tattoo lovers where la Primula Rossa plays the role of Italian Exclusive Distributor. The Studio is also a regular venue for the most famous tattoo artists of the world who come here to perform their arts.


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